Friday, 31 August 2012

More Western Liberal Hypocrisy

Our society's capacity for double-think is simply olympian, and might be even be admirable were it not so destructive.

Our shocking hypocrisy is revealed today in the Catholic Herald as Madeleine Teahan asks how the liberal establishment can be so self-congratulating over the paralympics whilst at the same time lending its support to our country's violently discriminatory abortion laws.

She's right. Those competing in the paralympics deserve our praise and respect for their achievements and their overcoming of difficult situations. But their value comes from their innate dignity and human beings and children of God, not their sporting success.

They are the lucky few to survive the western world's holocaust of unwanted children. But now it's just because they've won the country a medal that the establishment, which would have happily consigned them to an early and painful death at the hands of an abortionist, has now decided they are useful.


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